Thursday, 9 March 2017


Mud rocks and thankfully living in a village in the countryside means we have lots of it to hand on a wet day! This was at the start of the walk and everything got a lot messier from here on in. In fact the washing machine was put on as soon as we got home!

Such a great opportunity for language development. Talking about the sounds the mud makes and how it feels under foot. Or even in your hands if you are feeling brave enough.

We have a very clay based soil here which makes the mud a smooth and slippy texture. We often dig it out of the ground and use it to make clay faces and creations. Crafting straight from the Earth!

Today's play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas:
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development
  • Understanding the World

Wednesday, 1 March 2017


Please tell me.... how does a child kick the same door frame, with the same foot, twice in one day? TWICE!!
It's not like the house has changed in any way! It didn't jump out on him! But never the less he did kick the frame twice and so we ended up in A&E Sunday evening having x-rays and getting strapped up. It was very quick compared to previous visits (I have 2 boys.... say no more) and the worst part was trying to find a parking space for the fracture clinic the next day. 

Can you see the brake? It had to be shown to me too lol! I would never make a Dr!

So 2 days on crutches and a funny shoe and buddy strapping for 3 weeks. Then back for an x-ray.
This time we will make sure we leave plenty of parking time!

Friday, 24 February 2017


I feel very sorry for the Badgers. They have been on the hit list for too long now and so many conflicting reports are showing that no one is entirely sure that culling these poor creatures will stop the spread of TB. In fact more recent scientific reports show that cattle and badgers spread the disease to each other and across both species through bodily fluid on the ground. Culling will not stop cattle from passing it between each other. In fact this cattle to cattle transmission is far more devastating than the Badgers part in it all. Badgers do not choose to go near cattle and actively try to stay away from them. It is the shared space that becomes infected by both species.

With such negativity towards these creatures in the press I was really pleased to see that Kew Gardens in London have a fantastic human sized sett to help us learn more about the lives of Badgers.

The tunnels differed in size and shape as you explored the inside of the sett. Some tunnels were far to small for me but several children crawled through with ease. Occasionally we got a glimpse of a sweet wooden carved Badger hiding.

The Badgers dig their setts using long claws. It is amazing how they can dig and shovel the dirt out of the way with such speed. I could do with their nail strength. Mine snap and split just trying to peel a sticker off paper!

I wouldn't mind living in this sett with my family group, just like the Badgers do. It is rather cosy and reminds me of a hobbit house!

Thanks Kew for giving me the chance to be a Badger for a while!


Strange thing happening with the crows today. It was about 11:00am and all the crows that were feeding along the edge of the Thames started to call and came in to roost. I am no expert but I only thought they did this at night? The noise was something else! So many birds flew in and in no time the trees were full. It took about 10 minutes and then it all just stopped.

I noticed that they were being chased of the bank by ducks a little bit before this happened, so maybe they had decided enough was enough. I would be interested in finding out more about random calls to roost. So anyone with a knowledge of crows, please leave me a comment!



Every year I swear I will plant more bulbs and every year I forget...... This is my reminder for this year! Do it woman!!
Such delicate and pretty flowers I really should not need a reason to get the bulbs in the ground.


These two love a good walk and a Pokemon hunt! So last Sunday we used our National Trust cards and popped to a local site. Cliveden is a beautiful spot on the hills between High Wycome and Slough. It has a wonderful mix of woodland and riverside walks. Trees to clime and interesting things to see. It also houses a lot of Pokemon Go stops and gyms! BONUS!!

This keeps us moving and something else to keep the children motivated.
Sunday was not too cold. Spring is getting close and I have been really enjoying a lot of walking and green space this week. Being in nature is really soul reviving. Finding little snippets of interest and life in the calm open space. We like to look for Mistletoe in the trees. Little bundles of life in a sleeping tree.

We climbed trees and embankments, slid down hills on our bottoms and skimmed stones in the river.

Signs of spring and new life were popping up in the leaf litter. Snowdrops flowering and Bluebells just starting to poke their green shoots up through the ground.

The view from the top of the hill was amazing although Kenzie was not overly impressed with the steps to the top. One day we will count them. Maybe on the walk down as we were short of breath on the way up!

Lots of Pokemon caught and Gyms taken down! Only half the site visited..... if that! We need to go again soon.


Wow!! This whopper is living in a planter in my garden. I decided to leave him and the plant where they were after finding him. I was amazed to be able to see all the parts of a worm so clearly.
The posterior end was flatter and more obvious and the Clitellum was much clearer than on smaller worms!
A superworm!
Great example to show the children who had mixed feelings about it, Some wanted to hold it while others were not so keen!


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