Saturday, 31 July 2010


Well with the summer holidays in full swing here, we are spending a lot of time in the local woods. This is a great place for the children to just be children! They can run and shout and you hardly ever find yourself saying "no" or "stop!"

We pack up a few bottles of water and some food to keep us going, the dog gets to come along and enjoy some freedom as well. For the most part we have pretty much had the place to ourselves, which means they can run and charge about to their hearts content!

 We build dens and enjoy Dens that others have made already!

  Enjoy the wild fruits!

 Climb trees and find pine cones!

I made up a treasure hunt for the boys to find woodland items and bring them back to me! 
Auntie Georgia scared us all by climbing VERY HIGH up a VERY tall tree!!

 This caused some concern from the worried Nephews down below............. until.......

They decided to try and join her! Up they go!!

Thankfully they didn't get very high so i could relax and let them take a little risk and be adventurous!!!

The learning and fun is endless!.
Then they come home all worn out but happy....... You can't ask for more than that!

Monday, 26 July 2010


After a little inspiration from Joyful Learner we decided to get a little more creative with our blocks.
Most of the time the children build simple towers or make pens for zoo animals. It's a great sorting game and "E"'s Fave game to play at Pips!
We started off with some simple structures using our blocks, Kenzie built a tower with a ramp for his car!

I thought it would be nice to make a bridge for his car so i started and then "E" and Kenzie joined in. "E" had the Fabby idea of adding some Sea creatures and water so we gathered all the blue bricks to make water under our bridge!

The boys enjoyed driving cars over the bridge and putting people and animals on it!

Then we made a dinning table for the hungry people!

"E" decided some of his animals needed dinner too!

After a while we got the natural blocks out and built a tower. I found a Dragon and said that maybe he could live in the bit that looked like a cave at the bottom! The boys loved this idea and soon found a Damsel who was trapped at the top of the tower and a "Robin Hood" Knight to come save her!

Brendan decided to get in on the action and the whole game took a very different twist! The little man you can see him playing with is a "Clock man" because he has a clock in his hand..... he flys the "Clockmobile" that you can see him sat in...... he came to save the princess and fly her off through "Time"...... I asked if this was like Dr Who but was told firmly it was not!

Here you can see the Princess safe in the Clockmobile!

And here she is being flown to safety through space and time!! She ended up in the garden being rained on!
It was really lovely to watch the play change and develop as each child put in their own ideas!
Thanks to Joyful Learner for the fun ideas!!

Sunday, 25 July 2010


I am very lucky to live in a little village that has a HUGE car boot sale every other Sunday throughout the summer! It's something we all look forward to and gets us out for a walk on a Sunday morning!

Since trying to ditch more of the Character /plastic toy,s and move towards natural and more open ended play items i have found the car boot a great place to gather some goodies! All at a reasonable price too!

I have found wooden animals (as much as i would love to buy the Ostheimer figures i just can't afford to buy lots in one go!) shells, stones and other natural treasures! I thought i would share with you some of the  little gems i came home with today!

This is the old style tea pot and bits that i was after for the home corner. I got the whole lot for £5 which i thought was great! Kenzie has already enjoyed making me some cups of tea! I think its much nicer to have some real items and not just plastic tea sets!

My new Geometric shapes for making cool patterns! I got a big bag full for 50p and poured them in to a nice basket i got from a charity shop a couple of weeks ago!

Like I said, I do like to get my wooden animals from the Booty...... this was a real find, which I can't take credit for.... a Hippo who is enjoying a swim in my felted playscape! The mushroom was also a find as i am after some wooden mushrooms but haven't seen any about! £1.50 for both!!

I know this is not in my "ditch the plastic" ethos, but Kenzie fell in love with it! It tells him the time when he moves the hands and then presses a button. I thought it was good as he is asking me what the time is an awful lot at the mo. This is something that will hopefully help him learn about time when i can not be sat with him! And at only £1... well i can't really go too wrong!

So there are my bargains for the week! I am quite pleased with what we got and a such a low cost too! Would love to hear where everyone gets their bargains!


While enjoying the sun this morning, the boys asked for the woodwork set so they could do some building!
Unfortunately we didn't have a lot of wood only some planks so i felt their creativity my be a bit limited....... Silly me!!
Brendan decided to make a Hedgehog and Kenzie chose to make a Caterpillar!

Brendan adding antennae!

Kenzie having a go!  
It was lovely to listen to them developing their ideas as they went along and occasionally i would offer a new item.... like bottle tops or some silks and it would fire up
their imaginations all over again!

Kenzie added some bottle top eyes to his plank!

Brendan added some nail eyes to his plank!

Brendan also added lots of prickles and a raydar (????) to the top and a clamp....... i think it became a bit Abstract Art!

 Kenzie started to make paterns on the nails with silks to decorate the Caterpillar!

A nice happy face on the front!

Lots of colour added!

The finished item! 

I think we are going to have a very pretty garden with these home made decorations! It kept them both very busy and happy for a good hour and we only had one hammered finger!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Thought I would share with you all, a lovely evening my boys and I had by the fire last night, in our newly made chill out area. Bit like an out door living room I guess!
They asked for the Chimnea to be lit and for some Marshmallows before bed. Kenzie chose a lovely book about a Super Hero called Charlie who lost his underpants, and we all sat on the logs reading the story and poking the fire!

Kenzie loves to watch the fire!

Pine cone!!

Time for a story! 




 Kenzie's turn.


Monday, 19 July 2010


Today my garden was transformed in to a scene from Jurassic Park! The kids took the BIG bugs and the Dinosaurs out side to play and we created a fabby world for them in our outdoor chill area. We made caves and bridges from logs and gave the Dinosaurs somewhere fun to live.

There was much ROARing!!! and giggling!!
Kenzie and "E" were trying to compete at "who could roar the loudest" I think!

Kenzie building a cave!

and a Bridge!

Dinosaur trying out his new home. The boys worked really hard on making everything just right for them!

I hope the weather stays nice so we can enjoy more of this over the week and maybe intruduce some new things to the game!


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